Automate your Cybersecurity Risk Management

Alfahive’s RiskNest TM – Cybersecurity Risk Automation

Alfahive makes understanding cyber risk more meaningful. Our cyber risk automation platform enables automation of assessment, quantification, and prioritization of cyber risks.

How Alfahive helps to automate your cyber security risk management?

Key benefits of Alfahive RiskNest

Avoid the resource waste on the low impact cyber risks.
Challenge the status quo and bridge the gap between security and risk operations
Be strategic and proactive in front of your board and regulators

Our product features

Automatically Convert Security Controls into Cyber Risks
Our Cyber Risk Automation Platform seamlessly integrates with enterprise security tools through APIs. By using MITREATT&CK and D3FEND frameworks, it intelligently translates security controls into the likelihood of Cyber Risks.
Effortlessly Quantify the Impact of Cyber Risks to Your Business
Our platform is trained on large set of cyber loss events data and industry specific risk scenarios. It enables you to effortlessly assess the impact of Cyber risks to your business, compare with your peers and make informed risk decisions.
Prioritise Risks and Report strategically
Our platform automates risks prioritization by simulating the controls against cyber threats. With built-in reporting and dashboarding capabilities, the need for manual reporting is significantly reduced, enabling strategic engagement with board members and regulators.

Read what our customers say

With Alfahive we can plan an effective cyber resiliency roadmap and cyber budget based on clear linkage to the cyber risk reduction program
Major Retailer
We can have an accurate picture of our financial exposure and negotiate a more effective cyber insurance to manage our overall risks
EVP technology
Consumer Healthcare
Alfahive has a unique way of organizing the cyber risks in the context of the business functions making it easy to understand and engage senior leaders
Major Consumer
High, medium, or low-risk ratings don’t mean anything to me. They lack business context. Now we can have a much more meaningful conversation based on an independent piece of technology
Director of IT
Governance & Compliance

Is your organization prepared to face the impact of cyber risks?

Maximize the value of your security investments by aligning your digital transformation strategy with a comprehensive security roadmap. Make data-driven decisions to improve your return on security investment by more than 30%
The Seven Steps to Automating Cyber Risk: A Fireside Chat with Michael Rasmussen!
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29th August at 1400 GMT | 0700 PT
Guest Speaker
Michael Rasmussen
The GRC Pundit & Analyst
Guest Speaker
Michael Rasmussen
The GRC Pundit & Analyst