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The Seven Steps to Automating Cyber Risk: A Fireside Chat with Michael Rasmussen!

Enhance your organization's security value in 2023 with Alfahive’s best practices in risk quantification and management

Join us in our upcoming webinar where we'll discuss the steps for automating your Cyber Risk Management journey

Gain valuable insights on how to -
  • Walk through the 7 steps in the journey to automation
  • A case study to demonstrate the steps in the journey
  • Best practices for automation in Cyber Risk Management
The Seven Steps to Automating Cyber Risk
Michael Rasmussen
The GRC Pundit & Analyst
Aug 29
1400 GMT
0700 PT
High, medium, or low-risk ratings don’t mean anything to me. They lack business context. Now we can have a much more meaningful conversation based on an independent piece of technology.
Director of IT
Governance & Compliance

Understand how cyber risk automation can boost your organisation's efficiency?

The Seven Steps to
Automating Cyber Risk

The webinar will provide valuable insights and practical guidance on the journey to cyber risk automation. It also touches on practical examples, a case study, and best practices to help you build a resilient and efficient cyber risk strategy for your organisation.