Our Product

Alfahive makes understanding cyber risk more meaningful. Our SaaS platform empowers risk managers with the technology to automate the assessment, quantification and prioritisation of cyber risks. It enables organisations to achieve efficiency gains and cost savings by automating their cyber risk management decisions.

Our Values

Our brand name embodies the values that are at the core of everything we do at Alfahive.

"Alfa" represents our pursuit of expertise, excellence, and leadership. "Hive" represents our focus on community, collaboration, and teamwork.


Leadership Team

Rostow Ravanan
Chairman and CEO
Anil Gandharve
President & Co-CEO
Madhusudhan KM
President & CTO
Randhish Raghavan
Chief Architect
Isaiah McGowan
Principal Product Manager
Kashi KS
Chief AI Officer

Certifications and Partners

Our happy customers are using RiskNest.

Transparency -> Execution -> Business Impact

USD 100M+
Risk managed with Alfahive
Retail Major

With Alfahive we can plan an effective cyber resiliency roadmap and cyber budget based on clear linkage to the cyber risk reduction program.
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Our Amazing Team

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