Making the switch to automated cyber risk management

Enhance your organization's security value in 2023 with Alfahive’s best practices in risk quantification and management
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Webinar Speakers

Michael Rasmussen
The GRC Pundit & Analyst
Anil Gandharve
President & Co-CEO

Webinar Summary

The Challenge of Manual Cyber Risk Management

Managing cyber risk manually is a challenge. It's time-consuming, inaccurate, and unreliable.

  • It's time-consuming: 80% of staff time in IT security, risk, and compliance is spent managing documents, not managing risk.
  • It's inaccurate: Documents can be overwritten, lost, or modified, leading to inaccurate reporting, and compliance
  • It's unreliable: Documents are not a reliable audit trail, which can lead to legal problems.

The Promise of Cyber Risk Automation

Cyber risk automation can help organizations overcome the challenges of manual cyber risk management.

  • It can save time and money: Automation can reduce the time and cost of managing risk by automating tasks such as data collection, analysis, and reporting.
  • It can improve accuracy: Automation can help organizations improve the accuracy of their risk assessments and reports by eliminating human error.
  • It can provide a reliable audit trail: Automation can create a reliable audit trail of risk assessments and activities, which can help organizations defend themselves against legal challenges.

The Future of Cyber Risk Management

As the world continues to move towards automation, cyber risk automation is likely to become increasingly important for organizations of all sizes. By automating time-consuming, manual tasks, cyber risk automation can save organizations time and money, improve accuracy, and provide a reliable audit trail.


Cyber risk automation is a promising new technology that can help organizations improve their ability to manage cyber risk and other risk and compliance initiatives. If you're looking for a way to improve your organization's cyber risk management, cyber risk automation is a great option to consider.

Join us in our upcoming webinar where we will discuss the limitations of manual risk management.

Gain valuable insights on how to -
  • Assess your organization's readiness for the switch
  • Implement best practices
  • Monitor and continuously improve your cyber risk automation over time
  • Effectively communicate cyber risk value to key stakeholders.
Making the switch to automated
cyber risk management
Michael Rasmussen
The GRC Pundit & Analyst
24th May
1500 GMT
0800 PT
High, medium, or low-risk ratings don’t mean anything to me. They lack business context. Now we can have a much more meaningful conversation based on an independent piece of technology.
Director of IT
Governance & Compliance

Do benefits of cyber risk automation
outweigh drawbacks?

Join the interactive session to learn how you can effectively communicate the value of cyber risk
to key stakeholders in quantified terms

Cyber Risk Automation
Assess. Quantify. Prioritize.

The webinar will provide valuable insights and practical guidance on limitations and challenges of manual cyber risk management processes. It also touches on the crucial topic of process improvements over time and best practices.
The Seven Steps to Automating Cyber Risk: A Fireside Chat with Michael Rasmussen!
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Microsoft Teams Webinar
29th August at 1400 GMT | 0700 PT
Guest Speaker
Michael Rasmussen
The GRC Pundit & Analyst
Guest Speaker
Michael Rasmussen
The GRC Pundit & Analyst