Join us at RSA to see a demo of our new Cyber Risk Quantification platform for consumer- facing industries

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May 6, 2022

Alfahive is thrilled to attend the RSA Conference. We’re excited to finally go to a live event, and even more excited to meet with you and share how we help retail, hospitality and consumer-facing businesses quantify and manage cyber risk from a business perspective. Alfahive evolves the way organizations measure, manage, and communicate to boards and business stakeholders about cyber risk because we clearly show you the potential cost of an event, the likelihood of it happening, and which business operations have the highest risk. Stakeholders across the online channels, stores, supply chain, and corporate functions can now collaborate on cyber risk using business language and proactively choose which risks to accept, transfer, or mitigate based on how various risk scenarios impact the bottom line.

Every honey bee in the hive has a specific job to do to ensure that the hive survives

We do not have any founders or co-founders at Alfahive Inc. We are all Co-Creators and we call ourselves Alfabees. Alfabees are a passionate crew of entrepreneurs and techies on a mission to help our customers rethink cyber risk, rebelling against the status quo and having massive fun along the way!

The idea of Alfahive was conceived by two groups of people from three corners of the globe. First group of Mindtree executives that built a billion-dollar revenue world class digital business based in Bangalore, India. Second group of Cyber security leaders based in the US with experience from CISCO and Silicon Valley cybersecurity start-ups.

The Alfabee Co-Creators – each an expert in our respective fields, work in harmony to make the world a safer place. Our mission is to build an industry-specific and community-based cyber security platform that applies machine learning technology to enhance human-machine collaboration. Alfahive takes a completely new approach to cyber risk by focusing on deep industry knowledge and risk insights and using community-based intelligence to continually grow the cyber risk expertise of our customers, partners and researchers. We have a fundamental belief that when work together to do good the light will always conquer the darkness.

Our North Star

To date it’s been impossible to measure cyber risk from a business perspective, and certainly to talk about it in business language. Cyber risk has always been measured at the tech stack level and discussed with confusing technical jargon that doesn’t match up with C-suite conversations.

The Alfahive Co-Creators are on a mission to fundamentally change cyber risk management so that omni-channel digital businesses can calculate cyber risk by the financial impact to business functions and KPI’s. A totally new concept that makes it easy for CISOs and business leaders to gain visibility into security investments, drive urgency around risk mitigation, and connect the security big picture to day-to-day operations on an ongoing basis.

The Alfahive RiskNest platform provides immediate and continuous ROI because it includes pre-curated research and cyber-risk scenarios mapped to business functions that can help you predict the likelihood and financial impact of a variety of common risk scenarios such as Ransomware, Data breach, Bot fraud abuse risk, PII theft and more. We help you understand the financial impact of a cyber-attack, gain insight into the probability of incidents over time and quantify the reduction in expected losses if issues are resolved. We empower you to more effectively steer your cyber investment decisions and inform your budget spend.

How it Works

Our RiskSquad Research team combines industry-specific attack activity and financial loss data with your cyber risk controls and business operations. CISOs and Risk Managers can quickly onboard by answering a handful of questions that are unique to your business such as total revenue and routes to market – then use our pre-researched use cases to quickly and accurately calculate which parts of your business have the highest risk, the potential cost of an event, and the likelihood of that event happening in the next 12 months. Stakeholders across Online channels, Stores, supply chain, merchandising, planning, and corporate functions can now easily understand the financial impact of a cyber-risk for their area, track their security maturity over time, and proactively choose which risks to accept, transfer, or mitigate based on how various risk scenarios could impact each area of the business. 

The Alfahive RiskNest Community allows you to become part of a global group of Retail and CPG firms at the forefront of improving the management and measurement of cyber risk. You’ll get publicly-reported loss events at your fingertips, valuable insights from the RiskSquad Research team into the latest Retail threat actors and TTP’s, the ability to benchmark with your peers, and access to templates of risk scenarios that can be customized to your unique business operations.

At Alfahive we are convinced that the community-based effects of our technology platform and the diligent work of our RiskSquad Researchers, customers, and partners will create everlasting value. The RiskNest will be buzzing with valuable insights that you can use to improve your security posture on a daily basis. When we work together sharing retail-targeted loss events, curated research into the latest TTPs, and build new risk scenarios that evolve at the fervor and pace of digital business – everyone benefits.

The bee's life is like a magic well – the more you draw from it, the more it fills with water At Alfahive we are equally committed to reducing cyber risk and uplifting the communities where we work, live and play. From day one, it has been our commitment to give back. Our Co-Creators have learned from our own life-experiences that the greatest rewards come from helping others. Even at our humble beginning with early pilots in progress we’ve committed to give time or money to support Women in CyberSecurity (WiCyS). As our business grows, we will continue to grow our give-back contributions at the same pace, because it’s the right thing to do! 

We’d love to show you a demo, chat about CRQ and show how we can make your work day a whole lot easier! 

For anyone that sees our demo at RSA or participates in co-development of risk scenarios we will donate time and money to WiCyS.


Co-development participants will have exclusive access to the RiskSquad Research team that specialized in industry-specific threat scenarios. We will help you predict the likelihood and financial impact of Ransomware, Data breach, Bot fraud abuse risk or a scenario of particular interest to your current business operations.

Safe travels and see you in San Francisco!