A New Approach to Cyber Risk Quantification

Understand cyber risk in financial terms to prioritize security spending and empower business growth
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What we do

Our Cyber Risk Quantification (CRQ) platform helps CISOs and Boards tie financial risk directly to business priorities for improved decision making

Fast cyber risk predictions, with clear answers

We quantify risk across all your digital business touchpoints. And put a dollar value on it
Your technology, business processes & data
Our platform, researchers & community
Get you answers
Probability of an event over the next 12 Months
Dollar Amount annualized loss expectancy
Align budgets to reduce Risk Exposure

It’s Time for a New Approach

The old way of doing things

Current risk calculations are based on spreadsheets, power points and a moment-in-time point of view filled with technical jargon that doesn’t translate into cost or business goals.

We have a better way...

We model the financial and operational impact of cyber risk so executives can quickly decide how to mitigate an attack or prioritize resources for cyber resiliency.

Quantifying Cyber Risk in Financial Terms

RiskNest provides actionable financial metrics so that CISOs and Risk managers can confidently speak to the C-Suite and Board of Directors about expected losses in the next twelve months

Cyber Risk Modeling with Results in One Week

RiskNest enables risk stakeholders to financially quantify risk in real-time using cyber risk scenarios mapped to industry frameworks such as MITRE ATT&CK, NIST CSF, ISO 27001 and Open FAIRTM.

RiskSquad research helps organizations quickly operationalize CRQ without requiring 6-18 months of data collection, expensive and time-consuming FAIR certification, or spending thousands of dollars on consulting services.
We built the only Enterprise and industry-specific approach that shows you the likelihood of a security event and the potential impact to your business-in dollars and cents
Onboard your team to our platform to quantify risk across your unique digital business
Select a risk scenario and business process (supply chain and ransomware) then quantify the cost and likelihood of an event
See the most likely risk scenarios overall and across you digital business functions (e-commerce, supply chain, customer engagement, and more)
Communicate risks in business and financial context so stakeholders at all levels of the organization can align cyber risk investments to business priorities

Every month, 44% of retail firms get hit by an average of 50+ cyberattacks

Better business decision-making happens when you have visibility into risks from every corner of the organization

When you tie together cyber risk and digital business functions it allows boards, auditors, internal business units, and external stakeholders to measure, manage, and mitigate cyber risks proactively based on impact to the business.

Get a holistic view of your cyber risk

CEO’s, CISO’s and IT Risk Managers make better investment decisions when everyone understands threat risks and the potential impact on critical business services

Collaborate on risk

We make it easy for you to visualize and collaborate on cyber risks and business objectives across your entire digital footprint—when you can tie a dollar amount to potential risk it’s easier to make strategic decisions on how to handle the risk

Take on the right risks

Would you spend millions on a tool for a low probability risk? We put the power in your hands to choose which risks to accept, transfer, or mitigate based on how various risk scenarios impact your bottom line.
Board-management discussions about cyber risk should include identification and quantification of financial exposure to cyber risks and which risks to accept, mitigate, or transfer, such as through insurance, as well as specific plans associated with each approach.
- U.S. NACD Cyber-Risk Oversight Handbook

The result

Our customers come to us because they want assurance that they are covering the biggest security gaps… and systematically dealing with cyber risk in a way that the whole business can understand
Reduce Risk
Identify the most likely risk scenarios across all of your business functions
Have open dialogs about risk across business units and the C-suite by talking in dollars
Align Strategy
Align budgets to reduce risk exposure and spend on changes that will have the most impact
Show Results
Demonstrate how your team is driving down risk and measure progress over time

Tech integrations

We partner with the following organizations and we’re constantly adding to the list. So, if you have other tools that do similar things let’s talk. Chances are we can work with them.