Alfabees are a passionate crew of entrepreneurs and techies on a mission to help our customers rethink cyber risk, rebelling against the status quo and having massive fun along the way!

How we got started

The attack surface is exploding, consumers demand digital experiences and risk management strategies haven’t kept up. The retail on consumer goods industry has been left behind. Our founders saw this as an opportunity!

Rostow and Madhu are passionate tech veterans. Anil and Vin are retail experts that dig omni-channel strategies and mind-blowing customer experiences and Jason and Beth bring cyber security expertise to the mix. We decide to take a leap of faith and build a startup to make the world a safer place.

Our vision

Transform the way consumer-focused businesses understand, measure and mitigate cyber risk. When you have an omni-channel digital business strategy all stakeholders need to understand risk and how it impacts their bottom line. We know a thing or two about machine learning and decided to build and industry-specific approach to cyber risk management.

Our approach

Provide easy to understand risk scenarios that predict the cost and likelihood of an event across all customer touchpoints. When you understand potential risk, you can take steps to prevent it and focus on building a business strategy that delights customers.

The Alfabee Team

Rostow Ravanan
Chairman & CEO
Anil Gandharve
Madhusudhan KM
Beth Dannemiller
VP – Marketing
Jason Lamar
VP - Product
Vin Palat
VP – Industry Advisory
Dakin Levit
Head of Sales - US
Randhish Raghavan
Chief Architect